Stats are advanced float values that are used to identify Attributes on the Animal and respond to their changes. They are managed on the Stats Component, on a list of stats.

E.g. if the Health stat gets to zero we can Activate the Death State on the animal.




Enable/Disable a stat


Current Value of the stat


Multiplier for the stat. this will modify result of the methods that changes the Value of the stat. This can be used to reduce the Health by half if the Animal has armor, or make double damage if the animal is vulnerable.

Min Value

Minimum Value of the stat

Max Value

Maximum value of the stat


Regenerate Rate

Regenerate Wait Time


Degenerate Rate

Degenerate Wait Time

Reset To

When the stat.Reset() method is called the Value will go to the Max or Min Value depending this parameter.

Inmune Time

Time needed to pass so the stat can be modified again.


On [Stat] change

Is invoked when the stat is changed.

On [Stat] change

On [Stat] Full

On [Stat] Empty

On [Stat] Regenerate

On [Stat] Degenerate

On [Stat] Below [X]

On [Stat] Above [Y]