General - Look

The animal will look for an Object using a Cone View

Additional Parameters

Look Range

The range for looking forward and finding something

Look Angle

The angle betwen 0-360 to find something

Look Multiplier

Allows you to shorten the look ray to not find ground by mistake

Look For

What to Look for. Various Options Include:

  • Main Animal Player

  • Malbers Tag

  • Unity Tag

  • Zones

  • GameObject

  • Closest Waypoint

  • Current Target

  • Transform Var

  • GameObject Var

  • Runtime GameObject Var

Obstacle Layer

What are the layers to look out for for obstacles that would block the vision?

Assign Target

Do we assign target to the found object when found?

Move To Target

Do we set a Move To order when we find the object?

Debug Color

What color is the display in the scene view showing our look range?

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