๐Ÿ˜“Know Limitations so far

Just like any other character controller, AC has limitations that can are not completely solved yet, but are definitely on my to-do list.


The asset does not include any networking integration. I'm focusing on creating more assets and keeping AC clean and bug free. I know there some good developers on Discord that have already use AC and HAP with networking .

I'm staying away from networking for now.

Animal Controller limitations

  • Animal Controller does not support First Person view out of the box.

  • Brain AI does not work well with Flying/Swimming Underwater animals. AC does not have proper behaviors to avoid obstacles and find paths while flying or swimming Underwater, or any state that uses Free Movement (Not Grounded states).

Horse Animset Pro

  • At the moment there's no AI Rider that can Ride an AI horse.

  • Only one Rider can Mount the Animal at a time.. (No Passengers).

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