๐Ÿ’ซWhat's New

Let's review what's new in each version of AC and HAP

What's new in AC 1.4.4c- HAP 4.4.4c

Added: Pickable -> OnFocused, Dropped, Picked Reactions

What's new in AC 1.4.4a- HAP 4.4.4a

  • Added: Unity Spline Integration (Path Constraint)

  • Added: Grab Ledge -> Ledge Hit Object. Uses a gameobject position to detect Ledges to Climb. Use the Focused prefab to show climb UI.

  • Added: States -> Disable Modes List and No Modes Allowed parameters

  • Added: FloatLerp Component

  • Added: Stats -> Stats value now can be rounded.

  • Added: Reaction -> MDamageable Set profile.

  • Added: Brain Decision -> Chance Decision. Wait using a chance to change to a new Brain AI State

  • Added: Brain Decision -> Check Malbers Tags. Check

  • Added: Pull/Push Animations Human.

  • Added: Animal Controller -> Global RootMotion parameter. Disable completely the rootMotion.

  • Added: ModeAlign -> Exclude Abilities list parameter

What's new in AC 1.4.4 - HAP 4.4.4

Debug Gizmos [On] [Off]

All gizmos can be enabled or disabled for better performance.

Integration with Cinemachine 3.

Now you can upgrade all cinemachine scripts to CM3

To Upgrade to Cinemachine 3, make sure Unity 2023 is installed.

Upgrade the Package in the Manager and after that Unpack the Malbers CM3 package.

Align Look At Reaction.

Add a quick Look Align to a gameobject. E.g. it can be used to align any Animation mode to a Direction

Aim Reaction.

Change the values to the Aim Component. Leave it empty to clear the current target.

Combo Manager Buffer time

Combo Manager -> Now it buffers the Input and waits for the correct time to play the next sequence.

Projectiles, Gravity Distance

After a given Distance, the projectile will fall.

Animal Controller Inspector improvements

Mode List, and State List now can be Hidden. It improves the performance of the Inspector while using the Animal Controller

Turn in Place by camera

Allows Steve to turn around using a camera angle.

Brain.Mode Task -> Stop Mode On Exit

Mode can be stopped on Exit Task.

Animal Controller -> Free Movement Event

Animal -> On FreeMovement Event. Now you can subscribe to the OnFreeMovment Event to know if the animal is flying or swimming underwater. A good use of this event is to show UI that is only used when Up Down Movement in the Y axis is needed.

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