AI Target


The Ai Target component is used to let the AI Animal know what is the Stopping distance of a target. When a transform is assigned as the target to follow, it will use the AI Target Stopping distance instead of the AI Animal Control Default Stopping Distance.

This is used to differentiate animals by its size. For example, a larger animal may have a larger stopping distance and therefore requires an override by using this component.


Point Type

Is the Ai Target on the ground, water, air or underwater

Stopping Distance

Distance for AI driven animals to stop when it has arrived to the gameobject when is set as a Target.

Slowing Distance

Distance for AI driven animals to start slowing it's speed when arriving to this gameobject. If set to 0 or lesser than the stopping distance, the slowing movement logic is ignored.


Offset to correct the center position of the gameobject.


Default height for the waypoints

Arrive Look At

When the animal arrives to the target, do we rotate the animal so that it looks at the center of the AI target?


On Target Arrived

Invoked when the target arrives to this gameobject

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