๐ŸŸฉTrigger Proxy


This components is perfect for doing quick OnTriggerEnter / OnTriggerExit logics. The power of this component is that when an Object has several colliders inside a hierarchy, you can use the On Gameobject Enter/Exit to find which is the Root GameObject that really enter or exit the Trigger.


This component requires any type of collider to work.

The Collider need to be set as Trigger.



Which Layers will be checked on the entering colliders.

Trigger Interaction

What to do with the Triggers entering this Trigger: collide or ignore

Use on Trigger Stay

If true, invokes the OnTriggerStay event on all the gameobjects that enter the collider

One Time Use

Sets that this trigger proxy can only be used Once


Allows you to set specific Malbers Tags that are only allowed to use this trigger proxy


When is Active it will show all the colliders and gameObjects entering the trigger.


On Trigger Enter

Invoked when a collider enters the trigger.

On Trigger Exit

Invoked when a collider exits trigger.

On Empty

Invokes when resetting the Trigger Proxy

On GameObject Enter

Invoked when a GameObject enters the trigger.

On GameObject Exit

Invoked when a GameObject exits the trigger.

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