Animator Event Sounds


This component is used to play sounds with the Animal Controller.

This will receive events From the Animator and the Animations clips to play sounds using the method: PlaySound(string Name).

This its recommended to be used when they are BlendTrees on the Animator Controller, in which 2 or more Animation clips are blend. This blending weight is used to set the volume on the played sounds.

How it works

The Animator Event Sounds need Animation Events placed on the Animation Clips.

These require the PlaySound function, and a String Value. The string value correspond to the Component Sound Element.

This is received by the component:

And it plays the a random sound from the clips list. using the Internal or Global Audio Source.


The component needs to be at the same hierarchy as the Animator Component.


The component is made of a List of Event sounds.


Name or value of the Event Sound. This is the value set on the Animation Event string value. Its case sensitive.


Volume value to play the sound on the Audio Source


Pitch value of the Audio Source (Internal or Global)


Interval Time to play a sound forever. This is used when the PlaySoundForever funtion is called


List of Audio clips used on the Event Sound. When the Function PlaySound() is called. it will select a Random Clip from the list.

Internal Source

Audio Source reference to use to play the Sound on the Event Sound. If this value is None, the Sound will be played on the global Audio Source.

Global Source

Audio Source reference to use to play the Sound on all Event Sounds if the Internal Source is empty.

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