Guide to use All Malbers Assets with (AC)

Quick Guide to use Malbers Unity Assets with the Animal Controller (AC)✔


All Malbers Assets have an integration with the Animal Controller.

When you download any of the Malbers Assets (except Horse Animset Pro) you will need to download first the Animal controller from the Store: Animal Controller​
Remember to take a look to the Readme file:
  • After you have download it.. Find the folder: _<AssetName> AC
Inside you will find an UnityPackage with the Asset fully integrated with the (AC). Double Click to Unpack

For Flying Creatures you need to create the Up Down Input Axis

All Dragons, Raven, Horse Animset Pro (Pegasus), and Crocodile.
  • To create the UpDown Input Axis, select any character prefab, and on the Malbers Input component, hit Create Up Down Input.
This will create a new Axes on the Input Manager to support Flying Movement
and that’s all !!

Raven and AC (Example)

Rabbit and AC (Example)