Look At



The look At component is used to Align the Bones of the Character to a Direction vector provided by the Aim component.

This is more commonly used to make the head of the animals to Look At to the Camera Forward Axis or an specific target.


In Some cases you need to Disable the Look At feature to avoid looking while making an specific animation. For example. Disabling the Look At while attacking. In this case, you need to use the Look At Behaviour inside the Animator to disable the Look At Function.

E.g.: When the wolf is making an Attack you don't want the LookAt to be Active. In that case you need to Disable the LookAt on the Animator using the Look At Behaviour on an Animation State/Sub-State.



Enable/Disable the Look At Logic.

Limit Angle

Limits the LookAt Logic to a View Cone. so the Animal cannot look behind


Smoothly activates the LookAt logic when the direction enters the View Cone Angle.

Higher Values: more responsiveness


Use Quaternion.Lerp to Align the bones to the Direction. (This is an experimental feature) if it causes unwanted behaviours, Disable it


The LookAt Feature will work only when a Target transform is assigned to the Aim Component.

This is recommended to be used for AI animals. Ai Animal should not look where the Camera is aiming, like the player


List of bones that will be modified make the animal Look at a direction. Usually the Head and Neck bones

Bones need to be set in the Correct Order. From Parent to Child. E.g the Neck should be set first and the Head last.


Transform Reference for the Bone to be modified.


Adds an offset Rotation to the Bone


Weight applied to the Look At Rotation on the bone.


Meaning is not a bone/gameobject that the Animator uses. This is useful to Aim Points that are used to shoot projectiles like the Fireball on the Dragon.

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