๐Ÿ“ถCombo Manager



This component uses Modes Abilities Index in the Animal Controller to create combo sequences.


It requires an Animal Controller component. It does not have to be in the same gameobject as the Animal script. I recommend being in a Child GameObject

How it works

The combo manager uses Modes to play animations. It will check the right time for an Ability to play the next animation given a Branch value. The Branch value is the Input you give the character.

E.g. Branch 0 is Left click; Branch 1 is Right Click. You can have as many branches as you like.

To play a combo, call the method. ComboManager.Play(int Branch)

Connect the method to your Input Provider:

If you are using the Weapon Manager, There is no need to use the Play() method. The Weapon Manager will do it automatically.



Reference for the Animal Component

Active Combo Index

Which is the current Active combo. This is used when you want to change combos if the character is unharmed, or if the character equips a weapon. The Active Combo is highlighted in yellow

If the Active Combo Index is set to -1, no combo will play. (The combo manager will be disabled


This value holds the branching value for the combo sequences. For example: You can set the Branch Value 0 to the Mouse Left Click, and 1 for Mouse Right Click. Changing the Branch Value in the middle of a sequence allows to have different animation variations in a single Combo.

Disable on Sleep

If the Animal Controller is sleep, the combo manager will be disabled internally too.

Combo List

Combos are groups of sequences that activate a new Mode Ability on the Animal using the activation time of the current/Required Mode Ability.


Index of the combos. Use it to set the current active Combo with the method: ComboManager.SetActiveCombo(int Index). An example of this is when a new weapon is equipped. The active combo will change from Unarmed to Melee.


Name of the Combo. Use this value if you do not want to use the index value with the method: ComboManager.SetActiveCombo(string Index)


The mode that will be used in the Combo.


Each sequence holds the values needed to activate the proper animation at the proper time.


Helps activate different sequences with different inputs.

Required Ability

Used to Identify which is the current Playing Ability on the mode.

If is set to Zero then the Ability is a Started Combo Sequence

Is recommended that All Combo starters are set at the top of the list. They are color coded with green.

Play Ability

Used to Activate an Ability on the Mode if the Required Ability is within the Activation time

Activation Time

Search on the Playing Ability Animation the range in a normalized time and if you execute the Activation Combo code within that range, then the next sequence will be activated.


Used to identify if the current playing sequence is the Finisher Animation. This is color coded as Cyan.

All the sequences use a mode Ability index to identify which Animation can be activated:


On Sequence Play (Int)

Invoked when the sequence starts. the value given is (Mode ID*1000 + Ability Value)

On Combo Finished

Invoked when the combo played a finisher sequence

On Combo Interrupted

Invoked when the combo played did not play a finisher sequence

Functions and Methods

void Play(int branch)

Set the Branch value. and plays a combo

void SetActiveCombo(int Index)

Set the current active combo on the Manager

void SetBranch(int branch)

Set the Branch value.

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