Wander Area


The wander area is a improved version of the Waypoint. the Difference is that it uses an Area to find the next position to go to, and it can transition to itself

You can also use nested wander areas to have different shapes besides Box and Circle

How to use it

Add the Wander Area to your AI Control Target Parameter and that should be it.


Point Type

This will establish if this area is on the Ground, Air, Water, or Underwater. Air types will activate the Fly State, UnderWater will activate the underwater State.


Default height for the waypoints. This parameter is used for the Look At Decision in the Brain Component. So the LookAt Ray is not pointing directly to the ground.

Stopping Distance

Min Distance that the Ai Animal will stop when Arrives at the waypoint.

Slowing Distance

Distance to start slowing its speed when arriving to this gameobject. If set to 0 or lower than the stopping distance, the slowing movement logic will be ignored

Wait Time

Maximum and Minimum wait time needed to wait before choosing the next waypoint

Area Type

Use a Circle or a Box area.

Radius (For Circle)

Radius of the circle area

Box Area (For Box)

A Vector3 which determines the box dimensions

Wander Weight

Probability of keep wondering on this same Wander Area. Meaning the next waypoint will be itself.

Next Waypoints

List of next waypoints to go to.


On Target Arrived

Invokes when a target arrives to this wander area

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