Horse Animset Pro (HAP) Riding System


The Horse AnimSet Pro or HAP is an animation framework and Riding System Module for the Animal Controller.

This Asset started like a simple Horse model and animation pack, but it has evolved in a strong and flexible Riding Controller. Even though includes a Basic Character controller to control the Rider (Based on the Third Person Controller from the Standard assets); is meant to be used with a more Advanced Character controller created by you or any of the amazing Character controller from the store TCP or FPS.


โš ๏ธ Horse Animset Pro Includes all the features of the Animal Controller


  • +80 Animations Clips

  • 3 Horse Styles (Realistic, Poly Art, MineCraft)

  • Several Textures Sets for each horse Style

  • LODs

  • Armour and Saddle.

  • Unity Cloth Simulation for the Reins and Mane

  • Horse Sounds

  • Animal Controller for Controlling The horse

  • Abilities: Swim, Fall, Jump, Attack, Death, Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, Sprint


  • 132 Animation Clips (Meant to be used with Humanoid Rigs for better compatibility)

  • Cowboy Model with 1 Texture Set

  • Rider System (Third and First Person)

  • Rider Combat System: Bow, Pistol, Melee (next: Spear, Rifle, Magic Staff, Throwables)

  • Compatibility with mayors TCP Controllers on the Unity AssetStore (Invector, Ootii, Opsive, etc)

  • Very very veeeery Basic Inventory system just to demonstrate the compatibility of the Rider Combat System with external Inventory Systems.

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