Horse Animset Pro (HAP) Riding System


The Horse AnimSet Pro or HAP is an animation framework and Riding System Module for the Animal Controller.
This Asset started like a simple Horse model and animation pack, but it has evolved in a strong and flexible Riding Controller. Even though includes a Basic Character controller to control the Rider (Based on the Third Person Controller from the Standard assets); is meant to be used with a more Advanced Character controller created by you or any of the amazing Character controller from the store TCP or FPS.


Horse Animset Pro Includes all the features of the Animal Controller


  • +80 Animations Clips
  • 3 Horse Styles (Realistic, Poly Art, MineCraft)
  • Several Textures Sets for each horse Style
  • LODs
  • Armour and Saddle.
  • Unity Cloth Simulation for the Reins and Mane
  • Horse Sounds
  • Animal Controller for Controlling The horse
  • Abilities: Swim, Fall, Jump, Attack, Death, Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, Sprint


  • 132 Animation Clips (Meant to be used with Humanoid Rigs for better compatibility)
  • Cowboy Model with 1 Texture Set
  • Rider System (Third and First Person)
  • Rider Combat System: Bow, Pistol, Melee (next: Spear, Rifle, Magic Staff, Throwables)
  • Compatibility with mayors TCP Controllers on the Unity AssetStore (Invector, Ootii, Opsive, etc)
  • Very very veeeery Basic Inventory system just to demonstrate the compatibility of the Rider Combat System with external Inventory Systems.