Mount Triggers


This component is in charge of connecting the Rider and the Mount. It tells the rider which animal is mounting, enalbling on the rider that it can mount something.

Mount triggers required a Colliders set as trigger. So when the Rider enters the Trigger it will activate the Mount Logic.


Auto Mount

The rider will mount the animal with any need of Input.

Mount Animation

Name of the Animation this Mount trigger will play.

Dismount ID

Transition ID of the Dismount Animation th Mount trigger will play.


Vector Direction the Mount Trigger is relative to the Animal.

Left(-1,0,0) Right(1,0,0) Front(0,0,1) Back(0,0,-1)


The Animation are made for the Horse, so sometimes to acomodate the Rider to a smaller or bigger animal they need to have a Transform adjustment to increase or decrease the movement of Rider Mount/Dismount animations

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