Selector Editor


This Script manages the distribution of all items. it can be Radial, Linear, Grid or Custom. Set the correct position of the Selector Camera and add some offsets.

This script only works on the Editor, when the game is running this script automatically is disabled.


Selector Camera

Is the Camera used for the selector items.. this camera should have this settings:

Being Clear flags to Depth Only, and on the Culling Mask just the UI Layer Mask.

World Spacing

If this option is selected, then The camera is no longer child of the Selector. It should be child of the Main Camera, Use this when the the Selector on the hands of a character, on VR mode, etc.


Camera Forward Axis Offset.


Offset for the Camera Position


Offset for the Camera Position

Selector Type

Specifies the Items Distribution.


Distribute the items on a circular pattern.


The radius of the Distribution.


Direction Vector to distribute radially the items. (X -Right ,Y - Up ,Z - Forward).

Use World Rotation

The Items will keep the same initial Rotation (always facing the same direction) when changing the focused item.

Use Look Rotation

The items will look to the center of the selector.


Distribute the items on a linear pattern.


The distance between items.

Linear X, Y ,Z

Axis multipliers for the items distances.


Distribute the items on a grid pattern.


How many columns have the grid.

W (Width)

The width of the grid


The Height of the grid.


Items Type

Specifies the Items Render Type, if is Mesh, Sprite or Canvas. This allows to use the proper selection for the items. Set the one that fits your game.

Rotation Offset

Add an extra rotation offset to the Items


This is just for visual purposes, it shows the list of the items on the selector

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