This component allows the an object to be carry and dropped by the animal. It works directly with the PickUp component.



It requires any type of collider. It must not be set as trigger.

Rigidbody (Optional)

If the pickable object can be dropped and move around you can add a rigidbody component. this will allow the object to interact with all other colliders.


The collider and the pickable component should be at the root of the gameobject. It should not have any parent.

How it works

When the character approach a pickable object it will set as focused on the PickUp component. Then the PickUp component will have access to all the pickable properties to act accordingly.
When you Assign any Input to the Main Methods of the Pick Up Component <TryPickUpDrop()> These logics will be applied and it will Pick the Item, or drop it if it already has it



Methods and Properties