Using Armour


Introduced in v1.3, you can now use unskinned armour to attach armour to pretty much most body parts.

How to Set It Up

It's really simple to set up armour. You simply need to set up the equip transform points on the body and set up the item. Lets start with the equip transform points:

In the Inventory Master, you will find a new Armour Section. You simply need to add into this list a unique ID, a Location, and the transform where you want the armour to equip.

So in this example I've set up an empty gameobject that sits on the head, and am using this as my equip point. Whenever Head Armour is equipped, it then instantiates at that point.

Then, when you set up your armour item, mae sure you set the Type to Armour Item, and the Armour Type to whatever body part it refers to:

And that's it!

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