Thanks for purchasing any of the Malbers Animations Asset.
This help will give you a better understanding of how the Ultimate Selector works
Ultimate Selector is a Saving time and Great/Fun way to setup and display characters, items or props
It is distributed on 6 scripts that work together.
As complementary Scripts: Transform Animation, Material Changer and Active Meshes.
Mostly all Selector have a Camera which will only render what is on the UI Layer and exclude everything else.


TIP 1:
Because the asset is on the Complete Project Category on the AssetStore, you will get this prompt message:
So, when importing the asset for the first time to a project that is NOT NEW, you should deactivate the Project Settings, this will avoid overwriting your current Project Settings configurations.
For a proper working of the asset, all selectors gameObject and its childrens uses the Layer UI as the default layer.
TIP 2:
All Scripts have Tooltips when you hover the mouse on any property
or a help button
for a deeper information.

Selector Data

The Data are 'Scriptable Objects Assets' used to save all the important values of the Selector, like Coins, Locked Items, Item Amount.
To create a Data Asset go to Assets -> Create -> MalbersAnimations -> Ultimate Selector -> SelectorData.
Use PlayerPref:
PlayerPref Key:





Transform Animation