Notification Manager


The Notification Manager is what manages all the notifications.

  • Active Timer - How long the notification stays alive for

  • Use Title - If OFF, then the title will be blank

  • Use Desc - If OFF, then the description will be blank

  • Notification GO - The Notification gameobject that will be instantiated when a new notification is generated

  • Notification Parent - The parent transform of where the notification is instantiated.

If unsure, refer to the above image and leave the settings as they are.

The Notification Manager is a singleton which means only one manager can exist at one given time. The benefit to this is that it makes creating a new notification really easy. Let's now do that...

Creating a new notification

Creating a new notification yourself is easy.

You simply, from your own scripts, call the following function:

NotificationManager.notificationManager.OpenNotification(string TitleToUse = "", string DescToUse = "");

So as a working example of what I've used in the Inventory System:

NotificationManager.notificationManager.OpenNotification("ITEM ADDED", "Added: " + itemAdded.itemName);

Which in game, looks like:

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