Storage Chests


Storage Chests are a great way to store items. They also take advantage of the Save/Load system so you can retain the items that are stored inbetween play sessions.

You can move items to and from the storage chests via dragging and dropping OR double-clicking the items. You cannot focus on the items in the chest so you won't be allowed to equip or use items in the chest. Any weapons that are equipped will be unequipped when you move the item to the chest.

How to Set Up

This is super easy. We do this in 4 quick steps. Step 1: Drag the StorageChest prefab into your scene.

Step 2: Make sure the InventoryType on the Chest Inventory component is set to "Chest"

Step 3: Choose a unique Inventory Name. E.g. 'StorageChest1', 'StorageChest2'

Step 4: Set a Chest Storage Limit.

That's it, everything else is already done for you!

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