This component manages the Riding Logic of the humanoid character

The Character needs to be Rigged as a Humanoid in order to share the riding animations


The component uses a specific Animator Layer that has all the animations needed to synchronize the Rider and Horse Animations. This is solved by using the button [Add Mount Layer]


Start Mounted

If Enabled the Rider will be already mounted on the Stored Mount.

Stored Mount

Mount Reference of an animal that can be mounted. This is used with the Start Mounted feature.

Also is used with the Call animal feature. When using the method CallAnimal.. it will look for the Stored mount.

Parent to Mount

When mounting the Animal, the rider will be parent to the Mount -> MountPoint transform.


Disable Components & Disable List

Use it to disable components that are interfering with the riding logic.

Add the scripts that interfere with the logic while riding. (Usually is used for scripts that are not supposed to be active while the character is Riding. Like scripts that move and rotate the character, Ragdoll scripts, etc. Also are used to disable Inputs that are only supposed to be active when the character is not riding: Ex: a Crouch Input).

Is always recommended to disable features inside the components that break the riding logic; using a Link custom Script, instead of disabling the components completely.






When the Editor is on Play Mode: It will show the Internal private variables values.

Enable Debug on the Rider component and 2 spheres gizmos (1 red and 1 green) will appear on the Head of the Rider to see if the Animal and Rider Animations are in Sync.

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