Updating from v1.1.1 to v1.2 Instructions


As of Version 1.2 of the Inventory Add-On, there are several changes which break existing functionality within Version 1.1.1. As such, there are specific instructions needed to upgrade successfully.


  1. IMPORTANT - If you have not already done so, make a backup of your project. We will not be liable for any lost work as a result of upgrading. If you choose not to make a backup, do so at your own risk!

  2. Start by deleting the InventorySystem folder located under: Malbers Animations -> Integrations -> InventorySystem

  3. Once deleted, re-import the package via the Package Manager

  4. Once back in your scene, add in the UIManager Prefab from the InventorySystem -> Prefabs folder

  5. Add in the other canvases that you may need such as DialogueCanvas & ShopCanvas

  6. In your InventoryMaster component on the Player, ensure that all your references are set-up correctly (this should be done automatically but check it anyway!)

  7. If you are using the Shop System, make sure this is turned ON via the Inventory Master under the Modules section. Otherwise set it to OFF. Also ensure you set a currency if ON.

  8. Finally to amend how you open/close your inventory:

Shop Specific Instructions

  1. If you are using the Shop System, there is a single hard reference that you need to make between the InventoryCanvas and the ShopUIManager for the Confirm and Cancel buttons. On the InventoryCanvas navigate to here:

  2. For the Confirm button, set as this:

  3. For the Cancel Button, set as this:

This should then ensure full functionality.

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