Interface used to Check if the Player/Animal is Aiming


   // Is the Aiming Logic Active? 
   bool Active { get; set; }
    /// <summary>Direction Vector Stored of the Aiming Logic</summary>
    Vector3 AimDirection { get; }

    /// <summary>Returns the Main Camera used for Aiming</summary>
    Camera MainCamera { get; }

    /// <summary>Limit the Aiming via Angle limit Which means the Aiming is Active but should not be used</summary>
    bool Limited { get; set; }

    /// <summary>Check if the Camera is in the (Right:true) or (Left: False) side of the Animal </summary>
    bool CameraSide { get; }

    /// <summary>Check if the Target is in the (Right:true) or (Left: False) side of the Animal </summary>
    bool TargetSide { get; }

    /// <summary>What to do with the Triggers ... Ignore them? Use them?</summary>
    QueryTriggerInteraction TriggerInteraction { get; }

    /// <summary>Layer to Aim and Hit</summary>
    LayerMask AimLayer { get; }

    /// <summary>RaycastHit Data of the Aim logic</summary>
    RaycastHit AimHit { get; }

    /// <summary>Forced Target on the Aiming Logic</summary>
    Transform AimTarget { set; get; }

    /// <summary>Returns the origin of the Aim Logic</summary>
    Transform AimOrigin { set; get; }

    /// <summary>Forced the Aim to Ignore a Transform</summary>
    Transform IgnoreTransform { set; get; }

    /// <summary>Enable disable the Aim</summary>
    void SetActive(bool value);

    /// <summary>Forced Target on the Aiming Logic</summary>
    void SetTarget(Transform value);

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