Inventory Master

General Tab



The transform var for the Player/Main Character

Lock Character Input

If you want the inventory to lock the players movement when it is open

Save System Encryption

Are you using the Save/Load system? If so, do you want to encrypt your data when saving? (Adds small performance hit of around 15/20ms when saving).

Load Game On Start

Turn this on to Load your save data when the game starts

Stack Splitting

Turns on Stack Splitting for the Inventory

Stack Splitting Type

2 Different Types to Choose From:

  • Classic - Allows you to choose how many to split

  • Minecraft Method - Splits in half immediately with one click


Turn On Notifications

Are you using the Notifications Manager? If so turn this on and see this section: Notification Setup

Shop System

Are you using the Shop System? If so, make sure to turn this on!


A global variable Int Var used for Currency. The default used is the Malbers Coins.

Rarity Colors

A set of different rarity colors that you can use when setting the rarities of your items! Custom Rarities will be coming in a future update!

Buttons Tab

Use Button

The reference to the use TransformVar

Delete Button

The reference to the delete TransformVar

Equip Button

The reference to the equip TransformVar

Drop Button

The reference to the drop TransformVar

Unequip Button

The reference to the unequip TransformVar

References Tab

Inventory Parent Object

The Inventory Parent Object TransformVar

Buttons Panel

The Other Buttons TransformVar

Item Info Panel

The Item Info Panel TransformVar

Registered Inventories

The list of registered inventories TransformVar

Registered Items

The list of registered items

Camera Locking Event

The Malbers Event associated with locking the camera when the Inventory is opened


Turn on Debug Messages

Turns on debug messages which output to the console e.g.

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