Weapon Manager


This component manages all the weapons of the character
It controls features like store/draw - equip/unequip weapons that you want to use while riding or grounded and allows attacking with them. In order for the weapons to get recognized by the Weapon Manager component, they need to have any of the MWeapons components provided.
  • MMelee for Melee weapons
  • MShootable for projectile weapons
  • MBow for Bow
These weapons will provide core data to activate Modes in the Animal Controller.


General Tab

Start Weapon

Set a weapon on this parameter to let the character start with a weapon already equipped.

Ignore Draw

Ignores the Draw | Unsheathe animations and equips the weapon instantly

Ignore Store

Ignores the Store | Sheathe animations and unequips the weapon instantly

Store After

The weapon will be automatically stored after a time, if that weapon is not being used. Use this if you are using the Instant weapon Equip/Attack method (Assasin Creed's Style)

Weapon Hand Equip Points (Left and Right)

Transform References for the Right and Left Hands of the Character. The weapons will be parented to any of these Transforms when are equipped. Right-handed weapons will be parented to the right hand; and left-handed weapons to the left hand.

Ignore Hand Offset

When parenting the Weapon to any of the Equip points, the Weapon Offsets value will be ignored.


When you set the Weapon Manager to use Holsters, the weapons will use the Holster ID parameter to check where the weapons are going to be stored in the Character.
E.g. If a Sword has and Holders ID equal to [Left Holster], when that sword is picked up, it will be stored in that holster Slot Transforms.

Holster Time

This will smoothly parent a weapon from the holster to the Hand and viceversa.
Set it to zero to instantly parent the weapon.

Holster ID List

Add all the holsters your character is going to use.

Holster ID

ID value used to Identify the holster in the Weapon and in the Weapon Manager, to parent the weapon to the correct holster.
By default, there are 5 Holsters Created. You can create more by just duplicating any of the holster created. Just make sure the ID value does not repeat.
The value is also used on the Weapon Manager Animator Transitions. the ID Value and the Draw/Store Weapon Actions are combined to identify which animation will be played.
E.g. Storing a weapon with a Right Hand, to the Left Holster, uses the Transition conditions: Mode = 98001; LeftHand = false.
StoreID [98]*1000 + Left HosterID[1] = 98001 . (Its the same formula used to Play Modes)
[Store] Action Value is 98. [Draw] Action value is 99.


You can add a weapon to a holster, so the character starts with a weapon on the holster on Play Mode. Just make sure the weapon set on the holster has matching IDs. (Sword with Left Hoster ID must be equipped on the Left Holster).


Input Value set to automatically connect the Input to Unsheathing/Sheathing a weapon from a holster. (In the Demo Scenes you can draw/store weapons using [4] key for the left holster )

Slot List