Road Map

Here's a list of features I'll be working on for AC/HAP in the near future. No particular order.

What's Malbers working for AC and HAP?

  • HAP: Killing the Rider while mounted.
  • HAP: Lamp Tutorial for the Ground and Riding,
  • HAP: Passenger Mount; (Passenger Animations)
  • HAP: AI Riding (Multiple Brain control for AI Rider and AI Horse)
  • HAP: New Animations: Yes, No, Eat from Hand, Stop on The Ground (Upset), Scared, Start Angry Jump in Place trying to get rid of the Rider)
  • HAP: Upgrade Mane, Tail
  • Guide Horse with the reins.??

Universal Weapon

A weapon can be melee, used for blocking, parrying and shooting projectiles, all in one There's no need to separate it on different weapon type scripts.
E.g. Magic Staff (you can shoot spells, act as a melee weapon, and block with it)
  • Weapon Pro Profiles: Damage, Force, Reaction, Hit Effect, Interaction, Anim Speed, Multiplier, Critical, Collider?
  • Actions: Charge, Fire Projectile, Aim, Hold Attack, Release Attack, Combo, Reload, Block, Parry, Weapon Lock, Counter Attack?
  • Boomerang Weapon (God of War Axe)
  • Ricochet Projectiles
  • Homing Projectiles.
  • Multiple Projectiles (Area of Shooting - Shotgun? )
  • Executions with Weapons
  • Add CrossBow
  • Add Rifle
  • Use Aiming Events to Activate Different Aiming Cameras??
  • IK component?
  • Weapon Multiplier


  • AI Control... Make it work also without Navmesh.
  • Play Auto Combos with Animal Brain.
  • AI Weapon Combo States (Brain Component)

New Animal States

  • MPathConstraint && MPath component. Useful for walking on Ledges and 2.5D games.
  • MLadder Component and ILadder Interface for the Lader State (for Humans)
  • Knock Back State? or Mode?
  • Free Climb State (Climb Down Feature) from a border
  • Free Climb State, Animations for Moving on Corners (Inner-Outter Corners)
  • Free Climb: Jump Across???
  • Grapple State (Quick Shoot to a Grapple Point)
  • Brachiation State
  • Slide State
  • Push-Pull State
  • Directional Climb. (FreeClimb State) Squirrel Style.
  • Locomotion Start End Animations fix?
  • Swim State Update. Water State can use an External Transform to Align to water (Buyancy with other Water 3rd Party Assets)
  • Pound Attack! (Mode or State????)
  • Ragdoll State
  • Stair State (Human)
  • Change Priority and Activate values of a state to be Local to an animal (Remove it from Scriptable)
  • Speed Modifiers Add it inside the State Asset
  • Add Optional State_Variation Parameter to replace States Versions (E.g. Fly with Broom or Fly with Superman Style)
  • Automatic States from other States.


  • Mode -Ability Gravity Properties? (Keep Grounded, Gravity {Ignore, Reset, Keep?}

Adding Additives Multipliers

The weapons can have multipliers that can interact with others...
Fire, Water, Toxic, Ice.
These IDs will have a Weak and Resistant List of values to react with


  • Adding: Additive Up-Down Movement. (Spyro Swim Movement Underwater)
  • Cinematic-TimeLine Zones for the Animals..
  • Playable Quick Animations (FIND HOW!!!!)
  • Picking up and carrying objects (Human) Multiple Object and Profiles
  • Throwing Object Human
  • Animation Aligner! (Rotate In Place -> Move to the Position -> Rotate In Place to the Location Desired Direction.)
  • Move Pass Current Target with BRAIN AI (E.g. Charge Attacks with Boar)
  • Wolf Realistic Sword Animations
  • Ride Boat...
  • Call Horse Distance Limit.
  • Weapon while riding: Spear Aiming
  • IK Using Unity Animation Rigging package
  • Sensor ToolKit Integration
  • Puppet Master Integration.
  • Synty Horse Farm Upgrade.
  • Sky Drop attack. For example, when you use Super Dash, aim yourself to the ground and when you hit the ground while Super dashing, you create some kind of explosion.
  • Any chance you could add some more animations for like cuddling the horse, petting, grooming, eating from a character's hand? Also some silly anims would be fun, like horse nudging a character with the head, bumping them with their rear end, rolling around on their back in the dirt, shaking their head no, nodding yes, stomping the ground to show they're upset, stuff like that? Stuff to give them more personality. And it may just be me, but the mane and horse tail hair looks a little too unrealistic, or maybe I need to do something to set it up? The rest of the horse is truly amazing, and seeing the mane and horse tail slightly unfinished look, sorry, no offense, just my opinion, takes away from the otherwise great looking horse assets.
  • HARD!!! Scriptable Events for Multiplayer (Local and Net) *** ?????
  • Weapon needs multiple actions with their Inputs (Main Atk, Second Atk, Third Atk) and release inptus. E.g. MainAttack can be aiming which enables the 2 Atck
  • Melee weapon can be shoot projectiles too..
  • Melee weapon can aim and attack differently while aiming (Spear Aiming While Mounting)
  • Weapons
Unka? Eat / Drink / Perch / Crawl animations

Possible Future Integrations?



Puzzles with AC
Mario vs Rabbits: (Pick statues to places in their places)
Colored Platforms (They toogle their position when you press the button)
Turning Mirrors with buttons and laser/light
Blocking walls when you get near them​