Steps Manager

This script is a simple Foot Tracks logic to make the animal more alive when it interacts with the ground.
It is a simple solution. It does not include logic for different ground types.
It works by receiving messages from the Step Trigger component. When it makes contacts with the ground place the foot tracks, dust particles and plays random sound from the Clips List.



GameObject or Prefab which holds the Foot track particle effect.


GameObject or Prefab which holds the dust particle effect.

Steps Volume

The volume of the AudioSource located on each Step Trigger object.
Dust Particles:
How many particles of dust will emit on a footstep.
Add or reduce the scale of the foot track Particle..
Random sound to play on a footstep.
Track Offset:
Extra distance from the ground to avoid flickering over the ground.

Public Methods

void EnableSteps(bool value)

Disable the Component, e.g.. deactivate when is sleeping or death.