Changelog AC & HAP

If you have trouble upgrading or any script is causing errors, remove the "MalbersAnimations/Common/Scripts" folder and reimport the asset again.

1.4.0b(AC) - 4.4.0b(HAP) Jan 20 2023

  • Added: Target in Runtime Set now checks if the target is the closest one. (Thanks @HeyBishop)
  • Added: Effect Behavior now checks for Dynamic Effect Manager (Useful when a weapon has been added and that weapon has another Effect Manager.
  • Fixed: Aim Target was not exiting when two Objects were near each other.
  • Fixed: Ledge Grab State: Orient parameter was ignored
  • Added: Locomotion State. will retain Vertical Speed when Exit Animations are used. (E.g Sprint End)
  • Fixed: [HAP] AI was always stopped if the Rider was Mounted. Ignoring the Stop AI parameter on mounted.
  • Fixed: Stats were invoking events when they were disabled. Thanks, @forwardblah
  • Fixed: Steve was not walking backward
  • Fixed: Zones were been activated by other Mode Inputs.. (thanks @Hemske)
  • Fixed: Zone ignored the Mode Activate by time Parameter.
  • Fixed: Storing a weapon and immediately Aim, caused a null reference error
  • Fixed: Mode Abilities with no Audio Clips were playing the last clip from another ability
  • Fixed: Grab Ledge State was being activated on weird Terrain Angles.
  • Fixed: Monitor UI Health was keep showing the Health bar after the animal was dead.

1.4.0a(AC) - 4.4.0a(HAP) 8 Oct 2022

  • Fixed: Projectiles checked for colliders and rigidbody in Start, instead of Awake.
  • Fixed: Look At AI Profile was not checked if the Offset IK list was empty.
  • Fixed: Weapon Manager: Weapon_Equip() Method was unequipping a weapon.
  • Fixed: GetRuntimeObjects was not sending the values on Start.
  • Fixed: Check if Grounded Method on the Animal Controller
  • Fixed: Disabling the Weapon Manager while equipping a weapon was causing unwanted behaviors.
  • Fixed: Pick-Drop Component. the Drop method was invoking OnPicked Event.
  • Fixed: Jump Basic State had wrong math with the Scaled Factor of a Character.
  • Fixed: Grab Ledge State had wrong math with the Scaled Factor of a Character.
  • Fixed: Mode Modifier (Damage Side) was not showing the 6 side values.
  • Added: Effect Behaviour -> Execute OnExit. This will avoid playing an Effect if the animation is interrupted.
  • Added: Look At Behaviour-> On-Time Parameter.

1.4.0(AC) - 4.4.0(HAP) 25 Sept 2022

  • Added: Weapon Manager v2 Animal Controller can use weapons now. (99%)
  • Added: Modes charge Abilities now can be charged and released automatically. (No Input needed)
  • Added: Modes now store the Current Charge Value of the Charge Abilities.
  • Added: Wall Run State+Animations. (Test Final)
  • Added: 2 Handed Axe weapon and animations.
  • Added: Stances Properties can change core animal controller features.
  • Added: Attack Trigger Behaviour. Multiplier Value for Animations Finishers.
  • Added: Human Roll Back, Left and Right Animations for strafing
  • Added: Action Maps to the Malbers Input Component.
  • Added: Animal Animator tools. Helps create Transitions for the Animal Controller Faster.
  • Added: MInput. Long Press now has a Smooth Decrease Option.
  • Added: Trail Laser Component and Laser Prefab.
  • Added: Aim Component: OnHit Event.
  • Added: New Curve Animator Behavior. Useful to read curve values during an animation.
  • Added: Lock-On Target Component -> Added Auto Parameter.
  • Added: Conditions Component: SetTarget and PinCondition methods
  • Added: MDamageable -> AlignToDirection Feature.
  • Added: MDamageable -> OnDamager (GameObject) Event.
  • Added: Losing Focus on the game will reset the Inputs sources.
  • Added: Weapon Manager Component: It can start with a weapon equipped. Check
  • Added: States: AllowExitTime parameter. This will exit the state automatically after x seconds.
  • Added: States: Reset From List: If the State exit, it cannot be used again until one of these states on this list gets activated E.g. You can disable fly and not use it again until the animal uses Idle or Locomotion.
  • Added: Show All IDs Menu.
  • Added: Aim Component. OnSetTarget and OnClearTarget Events
  • Added: Rider Animation: Fly Lean Forward
  • Added: Rider Component: New Start_Mounted(GameObject Mount) method.
  • Added: Glide State: Height Start Parameter.
  • Added: Creating States for the First time, adds automatically the Speed Modifier.
  • Improved: Combo Manager component now cache the Animal Modes it can do.
  • Removed: Animal AI Control, does not need Turn Angle Limit.
  • Fixed: Alignment Logic was not working properly on uneven ground.
  • Fixed: Pick Up Component was not working properly when it was focusing more than one item.
  • Fixed: Tag, Component: Remove Tag method was not working.
  • Fixed: Lock-On Target Component was not resetting the Lock on if the Target was null.
  • Fixed: Mode Reaction was not changing the Timer on Play by Time Ability.
  • Fixed: MInput Component: ResetOnDisable was active on Disabled Inputs.
  • Fixed: Combo Manager (Starter Combos Cannot Be Finishers).
  • Fixed: Combo Manager. Finisher Sequences were interrupted by the next combo option.
  • Fixed: Respawned Death AI Animal could not move.
  • Fixed: Platform Movement was in the wrong code order, causing weird behaviours in movement platforms.
  • Fixed: Message Component: Time messages were not being sent if the animation was interrupted
  • Fixed: Aim Component now will ignore Behind Character Objects.
  • Fixed: Enabling Strafe on a State with strafe, but no strafing animation will make to reenter the state twice.
  • Fixed: Fly State: Pitch Direction calculation was not working with negative values.
  • Fixed: Calling a Mode on an animal OnEnable() breaks all the modes.
  • Fixed: Hit effects on projectiles using collider were instantiated in the wrong position
  • Fixed: OnEnter On Exit states events were not invoked if the animal was disabled.
  • Fixed: Scaled animals and Rotator bone were calculating the Height wrong.
  • Editor Fixed: Gizmo visualizer was moving away for no reason.
  • Editor Fixed: EventListener Component: Description was not saving the changes.
  • Updated Prefabs.
  • Added: New version of the Horse and Rider Animator... Cleaner new way!
  • Fixed: BOW IK was not working on Unity 2021+
  • Added: All Mount Components are now stored in a Static List.
  • Updated: Rider Mount Layer and Horse Animator Updated to the latest AC version1.3.3a(AC) - 4.3.3a(HAP) May 2 - 2022
  • Added: Animal -> New MaxSlopeReached UnityEvent
  • Added: Fly State -> Max Height Limit Fly.
  • Added: Conditions -> Show/Hide Internal Conditions (Menu Option)
  • Added: LookDecision. LookRay Multiplier.
  • Improved: LookDecision (Find Center) instead of the Pivot.
  • Improved: RootMotion Jumps no longer need to be persistent states.
  • Improved: Ledge Grab State Alignment logic.
  • Fixed: Fly State + Strafe was pushing down with Down Acceleration.
  • Fixed: Glide State was not interacting with the Force Zones.
  • Same as AC

1.3.3(AC) - 4.3.3(HAP) 23 Apr 2022

  • Adding: Forward Multiplier for Grab Ledge State
  • Added: Malbers Input Component. Enable Disable Axis.
  • Added: Projectile Thrower Component. SetProjectile() Method.
  • Added: Projectile Thrower Component. CalculateTrajectory() Method.
  • Added: CircleAround Task Gizmos.
  • Added: Attack Triggers, Weapons and Projectiles now can modify more than one Stat.
  • Added: Slide Action to Human.
  • Added: Zone component, Disable after Use Option
  • Added: MouseToWorldPosition script.
  • Added: ForwardFromPoint script.
  • Added: NonReordable Exception for Unity versions lower than 2020.3
  • Modified: MPickable Script. Rb and currentPickTime vars have Public Properties.
  • Removed: Animal Test Scene.
  • Removed: Scale for the Root of the Characters will not be affected on Awake
  • Fixed: Persistent States were using TryExitState.
  • Fixed: Inertia was double on Fall and Jump Basic states.
  • Fixed: AIAnimalControl (A*PathFinding) was throwing a Null Reference Error checking for the Agent.
  • Fixed: If a mode was Disabled during Activation it was active forever.
  • Fixed: Zones that use Kinematic rigidbody were playing the Mode Twice on Automatic.
  • Fixed: Animal Controller was throwing an error if there was no Main Camera on the scene.
  • Fixed: Strafe was not working well with RootMotion Anims. (Changed to InPlace)
  • Fixed: Extension GetUnityAction was not finding the type (Editor Internal Only).
  • Fixed: Attack Trigger was sending an Inverted Direction of the Attack.
  • Fixed: Fall State was not able to exit if it has long entering transitions.
  • Fixed: Jump State sometimes landed on the air when the slope of the ground is small.
  • Improved: Variable Reference Code.
  • Fixed: Look Decision (Animal Brain) Scale Factor.
  • Fixed: UpDown Axis was changed to the default values.
  • Fixed: Locomotion State + WallStop + CameraInput= false was not allowing the Animal to move
  • Updated Prefabs

1.3.2a(AC) - 4.3.2a(HAP)

  • Added: Mode Modifier: InputAxisAbility
  • Added: Projectile Use Aim Direction Value.
  • Added: ForceModifier. State Filter Multiplier.
  • Added: Lock Speed Value to the Speed Modifiers.
  • Added: New Human Jog Animation.
  • Added: LookAt behavior has OnEnter - OnExit Options
  • Added: Lock Axis Component, Lock Offset Value
  • Fixed: Speed Modifier Lerp Strafe Speed Speed Value was not being used.
  • Fixed: Pitch, Bank and Roll were not reset when the AC was set to sleep.
  • Fixed: Movement Task for the brain was not taking into consideration the animal scale
  • Fixed: Fly was not checking the Last Vertical Speed from the Last State on Take-Off
  • Fixed: Disabling RootMotion was doing a hard position change. I've smoothed it down.
  • Fixed: The Effect Manager component was modifying the Prefab Active value instead of the instance.
  • Changed: Tags Component Start method is called now on Awake
  • Editor Fix: Animal Showing the States Inspector has some weird problem with Lists. Setting all lists to NonReordable fixes the problem (Unity bug)
  • Added: Weapon Hand Scale Offset.
  • Fixed: Gliding towards the Mount keeps showing the Gilder.

1.3.2(AC) - 4.3.2(HAP) March 23th 2022

  • Added: LookAt LimitAngleEvent.
  • Added: Wolf lite Dash Mode
  • Added: Now the [UpDown] Input does not need to be added Manually.
  • Added: Input Axis Press (Thanks @King Ceryn)
  • Added: Select Position Prefab.
  • Added: Transform Comparer.
  • Added: Active parameter to Tasks and decisions.
  • Added: New Command AI Sample Scene
  • Added: New Brain Task. Set Destination position.
  • Added: Set Destination Task for the Brain.
  • Added: Vector3 Scriptable var can get the value from a Component, Transform or GameObject.
  • Added: Color Start Multiplier to the Material Property Lerper.
  • Fixed: Fireballs projectiles now look better.
  • Fixed: Mode Abilities were not saving their own Custom Input Values.
  • Fixed: Stats were Initialized in OnEnable instead of Awake.
  • Fixed: Aiming was not calling their events on Enable.
  • Fixed: Transform Condition was not sending if the Transform was null
  • Fixed: MInput OnToggle On OnToggle Off Events were using the wrong Input Value.
  • Fixed: Modes with Fail Activations were blocking other modes.
  • Fixed: Brain And Or Decision were not sharing their Component Local array.
  • Changed: Float, Int and Bool Scriptable vars now check if the new value is the same as it has before.
  • Editor Fix: Removing Tasks on the Brain was throwing an editor error console.
  • Editor Fix: Animal Removing State was causing an Inspector error
  • Editor Fix: Conditions Had an Inspector error for the Then Event.
  • Editor Fix: Aimer was not showing the Aim Smooth Value on the inspector.
  • Editor Fix: Extracting/Removing Tasks or Decisions on AI States were causing sometimes inspector errors

1.3.1a(AC) - 4.3.1a(HAP) March 15th 2022 Hotfix

  • Fixed: Last State was interfering when a new Stance is called.
  • Fixed: Queue States were not Activated after exiting the Queue in some cases
  • Fixed: Stats Set Value was causing a Stack Overflow.
  • Fixed: Destroyed Objects on a Trigger Proxy were ignored. (Unity weird bug)
  • Fixed: On Empty On Full Stat were not called on Start.
  • Fixed: Stat Monitor UI was not updating the health on the first entry.
  • Editor Fix: Newly created Animal could not use the State Panel.
  • Updated Prefabs.
  • Fixed: Reload Event on Shooteable events was not working

1.3.1(AC) - 4.3.1 (HAP) 9th March 2022

  • Assets Upgraded to Unity 2020.3 LTS
  • Added: ScriptableVar to PlayerPref Component(Thanks #HeyBishop !)
  • Added: Ledge Grab State!!!
  • Added: Glide State!!!
  • Added: Global Conditions
  • Added: Optional Sprint Parameter to the Animator
  • Added: Null Parent Option to the Animal Controller.
  • Added: Respawner for NPCs
  • Added: Scriptable String Arrays
  • Added: Lock-On Target.
  • Added: Mouse Scroll Input Component.
  • Added: Waypoints Have a LookAt bool parameter.
  • Added: SmoothDamp value for the Turn InPlace method
  • Added: Optional Parameters StateOn and StanceOn Triggers to the Animator.
  • Added: Toggle Input has now Toggle On Toggle OFF Events
  • Added: MEvents has Invoke Converters (Transform to GameObject and Viceversa)
  • Added: StopJoystick on Mobile Movement component.
  • Added: All Listener has a new Invoke on Enable Parameter
  • Added: Align Component has an Offset for the Position. When is set to Double Side
  • Added: All Scriptable variables can be modified on the Inspector.
  • Added: New Brain Decision - CheckTarget
  • Added: New Brain Decision - Compare Stats.
  • Added: New Brain Decision - CheckTransform Var
  • Added: Jump Basic: New Profiles for Multiple Jumps.
  • Added: Gizmo Visualization for the Fall State
  • Added: Global Ground Orientation (Usefull to switch between Quadruped and Humanoid Ground Alignment).
  • Added: Mode Abilities has an Audio Stop parameter.
  • Added: Speed Events.
  • Modified: Respawner Component uses a GameObjectEvent instead of an UnityEvent
  • Fixed: SpeedModifiers Current Index was reset to 1 on Jump State
  • Fixed: Queue States Logic. Death can be queued from Fly and Fall at the same time
  • Fixed: Zone Angle Limit was ignored. (Cleaner Code)
  • Fixed: Platform Movement had a delay on the Y-axis. Now works perfectly
  • Fixed: Climb State when going down was using the wrong Down Axis to check for ground.
  • Fixed: Wander Areas waypoints were being ignored on Uneven terrain.
  • Fixed: Scaled Characters with a Rotator Transform, had a wrong scale.
  • Fixed: Mode Behaviour was failing if the Ability was set to Toggle and it was interrupted by any other source.
  • Fixed: [Chance Task] was finished to on Start Task. It was not waiting for the internal task.
  • Fixed: If an animal was disabled during a Mode, when he was enabled back it will throw an exception.
  • Fixed: Brain Task Keep Distance was not working.
  • Fixed: Material Property Lerp was not sending the final lerp Value.
  • Fixed: Null Reference exception when the brain tried to start a new state and it was disabled.
  • Editor Fix: Speeds on Editor Light skin, were not showing the expand icon.
  • Editor Fix: Debug State Gizmos will show only the Selected Animal State
  • Editor Fix: Scriptable Messages Inspector was throwing a null exception.
  • Editor Fix: Unity 2020+ throws an Editor Error when creating scriptable vars from the inspector.
  • Editor Fix: Speed Modifiers were not aligned.
  • Multiple Fixes and Improvements everywhere.


  • Fixed: Wings were flipping on the pegasus when entering the water.
  • Fixed: Aiming and Dismounting the Horse at the same time was not resetting the Aim Logic.
  • Fixed: Fly Strafe animation transitions were not set in the correct order.
  • Fixed: if the Mount does not have the AI Active the Rider won't call it.
  • Added: Weapon Offset can be copied during runtime.
  • Added: Resync Threshold time.

1.3c(AC) - 4.3c(HAP) 31 Dec 2021

  • Fixed: Speed Modifiers were not being scaled too on Scaled Animal Controllers.
  • Fixed: Look Decision with no Obstacle Layer was always returning true
  • Fixed: Wander Area was not giving multiple destinations to multiple AI Agents.
  • Fixed: Human Jump State had the Transition Interruption source changed
  • Fixed: Jump Basic State was ignoring the Scale Factor on the Characters
  • Fixed: Fall State was ignoring the Scale Factor on the Characters
  • Fixed: Disable Waypoints are not selected for the AI Animals.
  • Fixed: Animator Sounds were not parented to the Animal.
  • Fixed: Animal AI Control error when the animal did not stop soon on the Waypoint. Added LookAt Offset Parameter to the component.
  • Fixed: Chance Task was not working with Wait for previous task option.
  • Fixed: PlayModeTask was using DecisionVars instead of TaskVars. Also Cooldown 0 was ignoring [Wait for previous] task.
  • Fixed: Turning on Stat Degenerate through on health below event in Stat manager caused a stack overflow
  • Fixed: Follow UI Transform was not being enabled when it was offscreen and
  • Added: Simpler Receive methods to the MDamageable via script.
  • Added: UnderWater State to Human.
  • Added: Sprint Swim Animations
  • Added: Lock Speed Animal Reaction.
  • Editor Fixed: Animal was removing 2 States from the list on Unity 2020+
  • Editor Fixed: AND and OR Decision was not showing the Selected Decision.
  • Editor Fixed: Material Changer Component Master was using a Ranged Float
  • Editor Fixed: Creating an Empty Mode will create an error.
  • Improved: Rotator and RootBone are set/handled automatically (Fly, SwimUnder)
  • Improved: Jump Basic Higher ground detection.
  • Improved: Climb Ledge Detection.


  • Fixed: Dismount on Death was ignored.
  • Added: More Tight Locomotion Turn Animations (Walk, Trot, Canter 135 angle).

1.3b(AC) - 4.3b(HAP) 4 Dec 2021 HotFix

  • Fixed: Inspector for MModeAling and StringToValue were not allowing the build.
  • Fixed: Attack Trigger component was throwing a null reference if the Animator was null.
  • Fixed: Attack Trigger Multiple hit was slowing the Animator
  • Fixed: Effects were being disabled on Deactivate.
  • Fixed: Respawner with Prefabs Animals were respawning twice.
  • Fixed: Queued States were ignored on Persistent Active States
  • Fixed: If the Brain was Disabled, the Current AI Task was not properly finished.
  • Removed: Cinemachine Impulse Context Menu on the Animal Controller.
  • Added: AutoConnections to Unity Events using C#sharp reflection everywhere.
  • Updated: Demo Scenes


  • Fixed: Melee Weapons had a null reference when the weapon had no Owner.
  • Updated: Demo Scenes

1.3(AC) - 4.3(HAP) 15 Nov - 2021 MAJOR UPDATE

  • โ€‹
    Improved: AI Control is hugely Improved to be ready for A*Pathfinding Integration. A* Integration Ready.
  • Added: New AI Link component to manage better the OffMesh links for AI Animals
  • Added: Human Free Climb Animations and State
  • Added: Human Swim Animations and Swim State.
  • Added: All weapons generate a Cinemachine Impulse
  • Added: Wolf Lite can receive damage while moving (Moving Masked Mode)
  • Added: AIControl now has OnEnable, OnDisable Events.
  • Added: States have a new virtual Method to get notified when a Mode Starts or ends.
  • Added: Now when a character uses the Up Down Axis, a LogError is shown and the Malbers Input is Disabled.
  • Added: On GameObject Stay on the OnTriggerProxy Component;
  • Added: Utility Script. Humanoid Parent. Allows a gameObject to be parented to a Humanoid Bone.
  • Added: Tag Messages to the States to modify further the Animal properties when the Animal enters an Animation.
  • Added: Modes Abilities have unique Audio Source and Audio Clips
  • Added: New Audio Clip References to play random clips instead of one.
  • Added: Brain Component has now a Debug Section.
  • Added: Stop Animator Option, on the Attack Trigger component so it has a more appealing effect when attacking.
  • Added: Scriptable Vars comparer now has a Description field.
  • Added: If you disable the MDamageable Component or the Health Stat, the character will be immortal.
  • Added: States can block Stances now. (E.g. Characters won't try to crouch and climb at the same time)
  • Added: Simple Rotator (Based on Unity 3DKit)
  • Added: Simple Translator (Based on Unity 3DKit)
  • Added: Wolf lite got an Upgrade
  • Added: Sound Parameters to the Effect manager
  • Added: Hit Effect Parameter to all Damagers (Attack Trigger, Weapons, Projectiles)
  • Added: Sound Effects (Audio Clips).
  • Added: States can Sleep from stances (E.g. The Jump will be disabled if the char is sneaking)
  • Added: Added Stats Runtime Set.
  • Added: Keys Enums on the Malbers Input Component are now searchable Enums
  • Added: All IDs now show their value.
  • Added: Stat Monitor UI Component
  • Added: Teleport Reaction.
  • Improved: AI Animals will stop and turn around a target if they can't reach it
  • Improved: Interactors can Focus on more than one Interactable Now Interactables
  • Improved: Step Manager and Step Trigger performance.
  • Improved: Look Decision now calculate obstacles detection better.
  • Improved: Sound Animator Behaviours will use shared AudioSources components.
  • Improved: Character rotation performance increased.
  • Improved: Animator Synchronization Component.
  • Improved: Climb State.
    • Does no longer requires Climb Pivot.
    • Climb Gizmos Visualization
    • Outer and Inner Corner Movement work better.
  • โ€‹
  • Fixed: Now you will get an error message if the NavAgent is not a Child of the Animal.
  • Fixed: Wander Areas inherit from MWaypoints.
  • Fixed: Aim Target Component was not using the Aim point as the target
  • Fixed: Has Tag option on the ProxyTrigger Component was not getting the Tags on the Root GameObject.
  • Fixed: Point Click -> Clear Target parameter was doing nothing.
  • Fixed: Now the Height of the Destination is checked if the AI Animal arrives at the target.
  • Fixed: Check Variable Listener checks for components where the Animal Script is.
  • Fixed: Play Mode Task does not wait to make the modes the first time.
  • Fixed: HelpBox Attribute had no Namespace.
  • Fixed: When the Animal was using Offmeshlinks, the alignment was done incorrectly.
  • Fixed: FindComponent and FindInterface extensions now search in disabled GameObjects
  • Fixed: Stat Component. Degeneration was not reactivating the regeneration after its finished
  • Fixed: String Comparer was not working.
  • Fixed: OnTrigger Proxy was not invoking methods on Exit.
  • Fixed: Directional Damage Mode Modifiers were Ignored.


  • Fixed: When the rider calls a stored Mount with none stored, it will throw a null exception.
  • Added: Instant Dismount to the Mount Component.
  • Added: Prefab Variants for the Wagons to be used on Mobile.

1.2.6d(AC) - 4.2.6d(HAP) 27 August 2021

  • Added: Stat Randomizer Scriptable Object
  • Added: Now Abilities has a property to play audio.
  • Added: Now the AI Animals have a Slowing Distance.
  • Added: AudioClip Reference & AudioClip List Set.
  • Added: EnterCoolDown and ExitCooldown values to the States.
  • Added: GameObjects that have Attack and Interactions Triggers are forced to be on the Ignore Raycast Layer, so they are not part of the Animal's body.
  • โ€‹
  • Added: Animal Controller Pitch Enter and Exit Parameters for the Free Movement.
  • Updated: Aim Assist Component Events now has the GameObject which was Aimed by.
  • Fixed: Runtime GameObject Collections had Duplicated Methods.
  • โ€‹
  • Fixed: Look At Component needs to have the Aim Origin transform to be the first bone.
  • Fixed: if the Animal get Disabled while making a Mode, it throws an error after the mode ends.
  • Fixed: Respawner with a Player as Prefab was instantiated twice.
  • Fixed: Pitch Direction was reset without smoothing when exiting the Underwater State.
  • Improved: Axis Parameter on the Animator is using Lerp instead of MoveTowards.
  • Fixed: Few spelling mistakes corrected in the Inspector.


  • Fixed: Instantiated mounts were missing the Call Method.

1.2.6c(AC) - 4.2.6c(HAP) 04 Aug 2021

  • Updated: Editor/Inspector Improvements.
  • Added: New Decision (Check if Current Target is on Runtime Set).
  • Added: New method to the Animal States OnPreMove()). to have more control with the states.
  • Added: NullChecking to the AI States in case it has Empty Decisions and Decisions.
  • Added: Wall Stop Option to the Locomotion State.
  • Added: DebreeTag to the Animal Controller.
  • Added: On Target Arrived to the AI Target.
  • Added: Material Property Asset (LerpSharedMaterial) Option.
  • Improved Gliding with the Fly State.
  • Improved: Fall Logic while the animal is on a Deep Slope.
  • Improved: Scriptable Coroutines
  • Fixed: Rotate in Place AI was doing step by step.
  • Fixed: Brain Look At Decision, was failing if the Target was to close to the ground.
  • Fixed: AI Control was entering a Stack Overflow when an AI Animal has as a Target another AI Animal.
  • Fixed: Rotation Speed was still enabled on the Death State.
  • Fixed: LookAt AI Task was using GetComponent instead of Find Interface.
  • Fixed: Checkpoints were not working.
  • Fixed: Disabling and Enabling back the Animal broke the modes.


  • Fixed: Mount Triggers recognize better the Rider Main Collider.
  • Updated prefabs.

1.2.6b(AC) - 4.2.6b(HAP) - 13 June 2021 Hot Fix

  • Added: Force Zones now has Air Control Parameter for Disabling Movement while the animal is on a Jump Pad, Wind zone.
  • Added: ForceAdd() and Force_Remove() to the Animal Controller.
  • Added: (Inspector). MInput/Malbers Input Components Create Default Inputs.
  • Added: Mode Modifier Force. Applies a Force when a Mode is played.
  • Added: (Inspector) When creating new animals States, it will be created on the path of the last state created.
  • Added: (Inspector) Mode Modifiers can be created inside the Mode Inspector
  • Added: (Inspector) Creating Scriptable asset Drawer can create now Abstract Classes.
  • Added: (Inspector) Decisions and Tasks from the Brain are categorized when creating them.
  • Improved: Aligners use FixedDeltaTime instead of DeltaTime. Alignment is smoother now.
  • Fixed: Climb State, Unclimbable surfaces were not detected.
  • Fixed: Jump Pads and Multiple Jumps was doing incremental speed (weird movement)
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Console Error when trying to create Jump Animal States.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) OR Decision Brain inspector was broken.
  • Fixed: Runtime GameObject Sets with a description were corrupted. (SUPER WEIRD BUG)


  • Improved: Reins Logic is executed on the Rider Component, not on the Rein Component.
  • Changed: Rein component is obsolete now.

1.2.6a(AC) - 4.2.6a(HAP) - 29 June 2021 Hot Fix

  • Added: Pickable Component. Option to be Picked by animation time, using Animator Messages.
  • Added: DontDestroyOnLoad() to the UnityUtils component.
  • Added: LoadScene() and LoadSceneAdditive() to the UnityUtils component.
  • Added: Category Description to IDs.
  • Added: Stats Component public method Initialize();
  • Added: Float, Integer and Bool Comparers have a new Active bool variable.
  • Added: Stats Component: Reset_to_Max() and Reset_to_Min() Methods.
  • Updated: Clean Animal Animator, Transitions and States.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Brain Debug mode with empty Decisions was causing a null error on the console.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Attack Trigger Debug with empty Trigger was causing a null error on the console.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Add Runtime Set was not showing the Label in Unity 2022.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Add Runtime Set was showing empty descriptions.
  • Fixed: (Inspector) Interactor was missing some events.
  • Fixed: Mode Logic was breaking the Combo Manager via ModeBehaviour (weird bug).
  • Fixed: Scriptable Coroutines sometime were stop for no reason (Blend Shape and Bone Presets).
  • Fixed: Scaled Animals had Increase Fall Movement.
  • โ€‹
    Improved: Mode Logic, Cleaned, Reviewed line by line.. and Improved (Feeling very proud about this one).
  • Improved: Combo Manager.. Now it only uses Combo.Play(int Branch). Simpler that way. It can also be used for Switching Combos for weapons in the future.


  • Fixed: When the Horse was destroyed and the Rider was inside any Mount Trigger was causing Null References.
  • Improved: Mount Trigger and Mount scripts logic.
  • Added: Mount Component has more control now to Enable/Disable AI, Input and Trigger when mounting/Dismounting.
  • Added: Stored Mount, if its a prefab it can be instantiated.

1.2.6(AC) - 4.2.6(HAP) - 14 June 2021

  • Added: Mobile Joystick now can be dynamic.
  • Added: Zones Weight parameter. to Add a probability to Activate or not a Zone.
  • Added: Wander Area On Target Arrived Event.
  • Added: MEvent now have a Debug values.
  • Added: Key and Chest Models, UI and prefabs
  • Added: Delay to the Get Runtime Set Component.
  • Added: Delay to FadeInOut Component.
  • Added: Automatic option to all Variable Listeners. Perfect for when you want to Invoke the Events Manually.
  • Added: Help Box Prefab.
  • Added: Set Stat Task.
  • Added: Reset Scriptable Variable Set Asset.
  • Added: Modes now can be Affected Stances (It can be Enable or Disabled)
  • Added: Stances are Set now as used as Stance ID on the Animal controller, instead of an int var.
  • Added: Look At behaviour to Enable/Disable the Look At logic in the Animal. Works better than the Message behaviour when there more than 2 layers involved.
  • Added: StepTrigger now can have unique Tracks. (E.g. the Bunny has different tracks for the front and back feet.)
  • Added: Play Anim Transform component.
  • Added: Invert value to the AND Decision Brain
  • Added: Last State ID and Forward Movement to the RootMotion Jump Profiles
  • Updated: All Animators.
  • Fixed: Fly State weird bug that stopped the Animal where there was no Ground underneath.
  • Fixed: Up Down Axis was not being normalized while flying/swimming underwater.
  • Fixed: Brain Patrol State was still Patrolling when waiting On Wander Areas or Waypoints.
  • Fixed: Zones were ignoring the AbilityStatus state (PlayOneTime,Toggle, Forever).
  • Fixed: AI Control when going from flying to Land, it was missing the Zones because it was setting the Arrive to true when it was not grounded yet.
  • Fixed: Animator Event Sound Pitch value was used wrong.
  • Fixed: Stop Task Needed to Have the LookAt Parameter Visible.
  • Fixed: Modes Reset to Default Option was disconnected.
  • โ€‹
    Fixed: All meshes now can be imported correctly to Blender3D. the CG bone was not included in the skin.
  • Fixed: Animal -> Force Activated method was ignored on Start.
  • Fixed: Brain can be stop when is disabled and reset when its enabled.
  • Fixed: Attack Trigger Try Physic was not working as expected.
  • Fixed: Horizontal and UPDown Parameters were using Math.Lerp instead of Mathf.MoveTowards.
  • Fixed: Runtime Collections were causing the build to crash.
  • Improved: Wander Area now has Random Destinations for different animals
  • Improved: Check Stat Decision uses a Scriptable Float Variable to do comparisons.
  • Improved: Animal Component store the last selected State on the Editor
  • Improved: Fall State has a cleaner /updated code.
  • Improved: Attack Triggers can be selected/seeing on the scene
  • Improved: RootMotion Jump Logic.
  • Improved: Messages Logic code cleaned. Inspector Improved


  • Fixed: Mode Status was not synced to the Rider from the Horse Animator.
  • Fixed: When Dismounting the Rider was not resetting the Stance and Mode Values

1.2.5a(AC) - 4.2.5a(HAP) May 20 - 2021 (Hotfix)

  • Updated prefabs and scenes.
  • Fixed: The code when the animal get the head stuck in a ledge was ignored on the Fall State.
  • Improved: Effect Manager now can be set inside the hierarchy.
  • Fixed: When the animal was flying and using Banking.. the Bank value was not resetting when the animal was on the ground.
  • Added: Aligner rotation now has an Angle Offset value.
  • Added: Zones now have Angle Limitation.
  • Fixed: Human Animator Landing Transitions had the wrong order.
  • Fixed: PickUp component Collectable() method needed to activate the Area Trigger.
  • Fixed: Weird bug that happens sometimes when stop mode is called on Start.
  • Fixed: Fall Damage was ignored
  • Fixed: Sprint was not being Updated correctly when changing states.
  • Fixed: Base Animal Animator had some of the Strafe transitions activated.


  • Updated Prefabs and scenes
  • Changed: Now the Create Inputs Context Menu on the Rider connects the Events to the Inputs, Instead of using a Scriptable bool variable