Sound Behaviour


This components allows to reproduce a random sound when an animation plays in the Animator Controller

How it works

When an Animation State is playing on the Animator, and it has attached the Sound Behaviour to it; It will add an AudioSource component to the Animator GameObject, in case if does not have any; and it will play a random clip from the Sound List.



GameObject to Store the Audio Source Component. This allows Animation States to share the same AudioSource.

Sound List

List of Audio clips to reproduce randomly when the animation is played.

Play On Enter

The sound will be played when the Animation Start to play


If the Animation State loops, it will start to play every time the animation starts again.

Stop on Exit

If the Audio Playing is longer than the Animation itself, the Audio will be stopped.


Sets the Pitch value on the Audio Source.


Sets the Volume value on the Audio Source.

Max Distance

The max distance that the sound will be played out from

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