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Opsive Ultimate Character Controller (UCC)

Asset Location

Remember to have both packages on your project installed correctly

The UCC Character needs to have a Ragdoll created to work properly


Install the Integration Package

1.- Download and Install the Integration package for Ultimate Character Controller from the Integration Drive Folder
Test the Nolan Demo scene to see the Integration working.

Integration Steps

1.- Add the Rider Component to your Ultimate Character
2.- Click on the Cog Icon and Add the Mount Inputs to the Character
3.- Make sure you set the Main Riders Collider in this parameter
4.- Find the Hands on the Character:
4.- Change the Animator Controller for Demo - HAP. Which includes the Riding Layer already set.
5.- Add a the New Ability Ride HAP on the Top of the Abilities list
4.- On the Character IK Component Add the new Ride HAP IK Preset:
5.- Add the Mount UI Prefab to your Main Canvas
And that's it
. Test the scene and mount the Horse.!