Invector Weapon Settings

HAP 4.4.0 +

Melee Weapons

To use properly the weapons all Melee Weapons should have the MMelee component attached to them.

That is why all Melee Weapons prefabs from the Invector Controller are overwritten with the Integration package. They already have that component properly attached and configured.

(So you don't have to do it)

With a new Custom weapon you create, this is how you can properly set:

  • Generate a Random Index. (Optional)

  • Make sure Holster and Weapon Type is set up.

  • On the Melee Tab. Attacks = 2 and Use Camera Side = True. Set the reference for the Melee Trigger too.

To connect the Invector Melee weapon and the MMelee weapon scripts together,you will need to have:

On the VMelee Weapon Events these Listeners from the MMelee:

On the MMelee Events this listener from the VMelee Weapon:

Handgun (Pistol)



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