Asset Location


Remember to have both packages on your project installed correctly

Integration Steps

  1. 1.
    Go to Edit->Project Settings -> Player
2. Add "REWIRED" to the Scripting Define Symbol*
3. Once done that a new string parameter will show up on every script that requires Input… such as:
​MalbersInput, MFreeLookCamera, MInput​
This parameter is the Player ID for Rewired.
4. Change all the types from "KEY" to "INPUT" on all the Inputs Parameters on every script to complete the connection.
5. Download from the Integration Drive Folder the Rewired Input Source to have a base Input Manager with all the mappings… (you can always change it with yours).
You can find the prefab on this location:
6. Drop the Prefab to your scene … and that’s it.
This prefab has the basic Actions already setted.. but you can always add/modify them.