There are several tabs with various different events that can be invoked based off of Movement, States, Stances, Modes, Speeds and more!

Movement Events

On Sprint (Bool)

Invokes when character is sprinting - check out the Locomotion page for further details.

On Movement Detected (Bool)

Invokes when any movement is detected

On Strafe (Bool)

Invokes when strafing is detected/turned on

On Grounded (Bool)

Invokes when the character is grounded

On Teleport (Bool)

Invokes when the character is teleported

State Events

On State Change (Int32)

Invokes when the state changes from one state to another

On State Profile (Int32)

Invoked if the State is using State profile. This value is the Animator parameter Value for State Profile. E.g. Glide has different profiles (0 -> Paraglider, 1 -> Wings, 2 -> Umbrella)

On Enter/Exit States

Invokes On Enter or On Exit events when you either enter or exit a state.

Stance Events

On Stance Change (Int32)

Invokes when the stance changes from one to another

On Enter/Exit Stance

Invokes On Enter or On Exit events when you either enter or exit a stance

Modes Events

You can also access all of the different mode events for your different abilities from this location as well below the standard events in this section.

On Mode Start (Int32)

Invokes when a mode starts

On Mode End (Int32)

Invokes when a mode ends

Speeds Events

On Enter/Exit Speeds

Can invoke when entering and exiting different speed sets, which can be specified via the Speed Set and the Speed Index

On Speed Change (MSpeed)

Invokes when the speed changes between sets.

Extra Events

On Movement Locked (Bool)

Invokes when the movement on the Animal component is locked

On Input Locked (Bool)

Invokes when the input on the Animal component is locked

On Animation Change (Int32)

Invoke the Animation Namehash integer value everytime an animation changes in the animator.

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