Blend Shape Preset



The Blend Shape Preset is simply an array of float values you can save of the Blend shapes you have modified.

You can use this presets to modify the blend shapes of a mesh and transform the animal from a cub to an adult


Blend Time

Time to change smoothly between 2 presets

Blend Curve

Curve to follow when changing smoothly between 2 presets

Blend Shape Weights

List of the stored weights for the blendshape list

Public Methods and properties

void Load(SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh)

Instantly Load a preset to a skinned mesh

void SmoothBlend(MonoBehaviour coroutine, SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh)

Smoothly blend a preset to a skinned mesh, the Monobehaviour parameter[coroutine] is for execute a coroutine used on the smooth transition.

void SmoothBlend(MonoBehaviour coroutine)

Stored a Monobehaviour for execute a coroutine for smoothing blend a preset on a skinned mesh. this should be called before moothBlend(SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh)

void SmoothBlend(SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh)

Smoothly blend a preset to a skinned mesh. this method must be called after SmoothBlend(MonoBehaviour coroutine)

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