๐Ÿ“ฃMEvent Listener

Listen to the MEvents and respond to them via Unity Events


The MEvent Listener Component is a List of MEvents Assets.

It uses Unity Events to send the data received by each MEvent to all the components attached to a gameObject.

Is heavily based on the Talk about Scriptable Architecture by Ryan Ripple

IMPORTANT: Events on the List should NOT repeat


When a MEvent is selected on the list it will show the Description of the MEvent on a Green Help Box. You will also gain access to the different type of Responses.

Void Response

Receive an void value from the event.

Bool Response

Receive an bool value from the event.

Float Response

Receive an float value from the event.

Int Response

Receive an integer value from the event.

Use Advanced Integer

By enabling this option the Int Comparer list will be showed. That way you can response to an specific value of the Integer value sent by the event.

String Response

Receive an string value from the event.

GameObject(GO) Response

Receive an gameObject value from the event.

Transform (T) Response

Receive an Transform value from the event.

Vector3 (V3) Response

Receive an Vector3 value from the event.

Vector2 (V2) Response

Receive an Vector2 value from the event.

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