Animal Modifiers


Is a struct class which modify Main Core features on the Animal while is entering a new Animation. Is commonly used on the States or on the Animal Modifier Behaviour component inside an Animator Controller. Read the States page for more information on how to use these.

You can change every parameter or just the ones you need.



Enable/Disable the Root Motion on the Animator


Enable/Disable the use of Sprinting on the Animal


Enable/Disable the Gravity on the Animal. This modifier is used when is falling or jumping


Enable/Disable if the Animal is Grounded (If True it will calculate the Alignment for Position with the ground ). If False: Orient to Ground is also disabled.

Custom Rot (Rotation)

Enable/Disable the Custom Rotations (Used in Fly, Climb, UnderWater, Swim), This will disable Orient to Ground

Orient to Ground

Enable/Disable the Rotation Alignment while grounded. (If False the Animal will be aligned with the Up Vector)

Ignore Lower States

States below will not be able to try to activate themselves


Enable/Disable is Persistent on the Active State ... meaning the Animal will not Try to activate any States.

Lock Move

Lock the Movement on the Animal, does not include Action Inputs for Attack, Jump, Action, etc

Lock Input

Lock the Inputs, (Jump, Attack, etc) does not include Movement Input (WASD or Axis Inputs)

+ Rot Speed (Additional Rotational Speed)

Enable/Disable Additive Rotation used on the Speed Modifiers

+ Pos Speed (Additional Positional Speed)

Enable/Disable Additive Position used on the Speed Modifiers or Gravity

Free Move (Free Movement)

Enable/Disable the Free Movement... This allow to Use the Pitch direction vector and the Rotator Transform

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