Setting up the Notifications


Setup for adding notifications is simple!

In your prefabs folder you should have a notification canvas. Drag that into your scene.

As a child of the Canvas, you should have a NotificationManager with the same named component.

The manager is what controls the notifications and you have several options. In general, you should leave it as it is.

If your component isn't already set up with the references, set them up as per the screenshot. You'll find the NotificationExample in the Prefabs folder too. You can edit the layout to your own needs.

Do NOT remove the Vertical Layout Group as this is what controls the Notification stacking. Otherwise all notifications will just appear on top of one another.

Depending on your screen resolution, you may need to alter the canvas scaler on the Notification Canvas to your own needs. The resolution it's been developed on is 1920 x 1080 but if you have a smaller or larger screen, this may need altering to look correct on your chosen resolution.

Finally on your InventoryMaster component, turn on the Notifications tickbox:

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