Setting up Item Reactions

Item Reactions allow your Items to actually do something, rather than just do nothing. By default, the inventory system comes with 5 default reactions:

  • Use

  • Equip

  • Unequip

  • Drop

  • Remove/Delete

Depending on what you are allowing your item to do, you will need to do the following:

When setting each reaction, you need to feed keywords to the reaction (These should be set up by default when creating a new item):

You can then set the standard reactions for each under: Malbers -> Inventory

An example of what you can do is:

Here on my meat GameObject, when used, I want it to give health back to the player. So I am using Multiple reactions to achieve this. I first set my Use Item Reaction as per above. Following this I am setting a Stats reaction whereby I add 10 to the health of the Reactor. The reactor in this instance is the one who the inventory is tied to.

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