The Pivots are local points on the controller that are used for raycasting when needed.

By Default 3 pivots are created when adding a new animal component: the Hip, Chest and Water Pivot (used for swimming).

Hip and Chest Pivot length/multiplier must touch the surface and go even a little further, so the animal can always find the ground.

The Hip and Chest pivots are in charge of aligning the animal to the ground, also to know when the animal is Grounded.

Hip & Chest pivots are required when your creature is Quadruped. If your creature is Bipedal(Humanoid) you can use one of the Hip or Chest pivots.



Name of the Pivot.

This value is string sensible. for example Hip and Chest are used by the Animal, and it must have the exact name.

The second Row of parameters has a menu button to change which of the next parameters for the pivots are shown:


The local position of the Pivot relative to the Animal. For example, The Hip pivot must be set between the back feet and at the same height as the pelvis bone. The same goes for the Chest pivot: Same height as the pelvis bone but set between the front feet.


Local Direction of the Pivot. By default is set toVector3.Down, but you can set it to the direction you want.

Pivot Color:

Color displayed on the scene for the pivot. This is purely for the Editor. It does not have any purpose for a build game.


This value is the length of the Pivot. That is used to set the length of the ray for the raycasting used on the controller.

Edit Mode [ โ€ข ]

The tiny button on the right side allows you to manually modify the position of the pivot on the scene window.

If you use only the Hip pivot, the animal will align to the terrain using only a pivot.


If you use only the Chest pivot, the animal will NOT align to the terrain.. (Useful for Raptors, Birds, Ostriches and HUMANOIDS)

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