New Input Link [Old Versions]

Version 2.01

  • Includes Local Multiplier

  • Using Player Input as Main Component

  • (Remove the old Folder and Import the asset again)

Version: v1.4.2b

  • Several Inspector bug fixes

Version: v1.4.2a

  • Ignore on Pause added to all Inputs.

Version: v1.4.1

  • Input type Value now shows the Input Down and Input Up Events

Version: v1.09b โญ (Remove the Old Folder before installing a new one)

  • Organized Folder: Now the Integration is located in Assets/MalbersAnimations/Integrations

  • Added: On Device Changed to the Input Manager

  • Added: HAP Riding Combat 1 (Holsters) Input Link Sample scene with the horse and the Rider using the <Malbers Input HAP> Action Map

  • Added: InputManager -> Current Control Scheme Changed Event

  • Added: InputManager -> On Action Map Changed Changed Event

  • Updated: Malbers HAP Input Action

  • Fixed: The Input Link was connected twice to the Input Actions. Added Connected Property to the Links

  • Added: Input Link UI component to Update the UI values of a button when the control scheme changes

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