Animal - Play Mode

Plays a mode on the Animal (Self or Target)

Parameters (Except for Common Parameters)


Does the task affect Self or the current Target


3 Options:

  • Play Forever

  • Play Once

  • Interrupt


Play the mode only when the Animal has arrived to its target

Mode ID

Select a Mode ID to use

Ability ID

Select an Ability to use. If set to -99 it will play a random ability.

Mode Power

Set the value of the Mode Power in the Animator Controller.

Cool Down

Time elapsed to play the mode again.

Ignore First Cool Down

When the mode is set to Play Forever, it will ignore the first cooldown.

Mode Angle

Play the mode if the Animal is looking at the target. To avoid modes playing behind the target, set to 180.

Quick Align

Align with a Quick Align Look At towards the target when playing a mode.

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