๐Ÿค Change Meshes for the Rider

Quick Setup by Roland

Swap Meshes

Let's change the Mesh of the Cowboy with another mesh. I will use this FREE Asset, but you can use any mesh you want.



The Riding System only works with Humanoid Rigs. Make sure your new mesh is set as Humanoid.

Changing the Mesh

1- Prepare an Empty Scene with the Realistic horse, Rider and CM Brain and CM FreeLook Prefabs. Also add a plane for the Ground:

2- Drag the New mesh to the scene

3- Parent the Mesh Inside the Rider as a child, and set the Position and Rotation to Zero:

4 - Select the Rider and make a Right Click -> Unpack Prefab. Do the Same with the New Model.

5- Remove the Animator of the New mesh

6- Move the Holders (Right, Left and Back) from the Old Rider Bones to the New Mesh Bones

7- Remove the Old Rider Mesh and Bones

8- Change the Avatar from the Old Rider to your Custom mesh

And that's it!

You should be able to mount and dismount the Horse. Go to the Horse and press F to mount (Hold F to Dismount)

Adjusting the weapons

Fixing the Sword (Melee Weapons)

Let's work on the Sword First.When you press 5, the Sword will draw. In most cases it will be in the wrong position, so let's fix that.

1- While the sword is out on Play Mode, adjust the position until is in the Right spot. Make Sure you are modifying the Root of the Sword instead of the Mesh game Object.

2- Copy the Position and Rotation of the melee weapon to the Offset Parameters (All of this while you still are in PLAY MODE )

3- While you are still in PLAY MODE, open the context menu and select Copy component.

4- Exit Play mode and on the Melee weapon component of the sword select Paste Component Values. This will copy the new Position and Rotation Offset values.

Now next time you use the sword It will be in the right position.

Bow Aiming Offset

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