Adding Buffs/Debuffs to Items


Introduced in v1.3, buffs/debuffs on items are a great way to expand the use of your items, and it's all done via reactions:

Out of the box, it supports any reaction that comes via Animal Controller + there are a few additional ones added into the Inventory Add-On such as Increase Weapon Damage, Crit Chance Increase etc.

To use the buffs/debuffs, you need to ensure you set them up in the correct order.

Let's take the axe above as an example. In the equip reaction, you MUST equip first, THEN add your buffs on equip. This is because the buffs cannot apply before you have equipped. For the other reactions like Remove/Drop - you need to use your debuffs FIRST then call your Remove/Drop Reactions. See the image above for examples.

Also introduced in v1.3 is a way to display these buffs/debuffs to the player:

At the bottom of the Reactions Tab on the item, there is now a Buff/Debuff Description text area. You can add in your additional buff/debuff information here:

As you can see in the example, this supports basic text formatting such as <color> tags. You may want to use <color=red> for debuffs for example.

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