๐ŸŒ Fall



The Fall State allows the animal to fall down when there is no ground beneath him. The ID value for this state is 3.

Creating the Fall State

To create a new Fall State. use the Plus [+] button on the States list

Or duplicate any of the already created Wall Run States Assets of any character you own and drag it to the States List.


The state should have a higher priority than Idle, Locomotion but below Death, since the animal can be killed at any time. Set it above states that will not be interrupted when the fall is active.


The fall will use the main pivots of the animals to cast the ray from the Chest of the character.


The Fall State is an automatic state. Its activation conditions is to cast a Ray from the chest to the ground using the Animal Height or Main Pivot (Chest). If no ground was found then the state will be activated.

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