๐Ÿ”ŠAdding Sound Effects

There several ways you can add Sound to the Animal Controller.

Animator Sound Behaviour

You can use the Sound Animator Behaviour, and add the sounds you want to play inside the Animator.

On the Animator, select any of the Animation States and add the Sound Behaviour. This component will play an a random sound from an AudioClip List every time the Animation State plays.

Animator Event Sound Component

Use the Animator Event Sound Component on your Character to play sounds when the Animator use Animation States with Blendtrees. This require Animation Events on the Animation Clips.

Check how to do it here.

Mode Audio

Inside the modes you can add Audio clips too. You set a Audio Source in the Mode General Tab.

On each Ability you can add the audio clips that will be reproduced when the Mode is Activated

If the Audio source for the Ability is null, then the Clip will be played on the Mode Audio Source.

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