Methods and Properties

Public Methods and properties for the MInput and Malbers Input Scripts


public bool MoveCharacter

{ set; get; }

Send to the Character to Move using the interface ICharacterMove.

(This Property belongs to Malbers Input only)

To access all the List of Inputs Fields (InputRow). you can use the public List:

public List<InputRow> inputs;


void Enable(bool val)

Enable Disable the Malbers Input Script.

void EnableInput(string name, bool value)

Enable/Disable an Input Row using its name and set a new Enable value.

void EnableInput(string name)

Enable an Input Row using its name.

void DisableInput(string name)

Disable an Input Row using its name.

bool IsActive(string name)

Returns if an Input Row is enable(true) or disable(false)

InputRow FindInput(string name)

Check if an Input Row exist using its name and returns it. It will return NULL if there's no InputRow with the given name.

bool GetInputValue(string name)

Returns the Input Value of an Input using its name (True if the Input is pressed Down, or false if the Input is released or not pressed at all)

InputRow GetInput(string name)

Returns an Input Row on the Input List by its name.

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