Projectile Thrower


The projectile thrower, quite simply, allows you to launch or throw projectiles given the stats entered.

Here is a video showcasing how to do that:

On a basic level, simply have a prefab ready that you want to launch and enter it into the projectile slot! Example of how to use it with the wolf lite, to charge and fire a bolt:



The gameobject that you want to launch/throw

Fire On Start

When enabled, the projectile will be fired on start

Damage Multiplier

Multiplier value to apply to the Projectile Stat Modifier

Scale Multiplier

Multiplier value to apply to the Projectile scale

Power (Force) Multiplier

Multiplier value to the Projectile Launch force

Hit Layer

What layers can the projectile hit/not hit

Trigger Interaction

Can be set to Ignore or Collide with triggers


When set, the projectile will always aim directly at the target

Aim Origin

The transform reference for the Aim origin point. Typically set to the transform of the owner of the component.


Owner of the thrower component. Typically set to the root gameobject.


Reference for the aim component if using one.

Use Aimer Direction

If set to true, it will use the Aiming direction from the Aim component. If set to false it uses the forward vector by default

Power (Force)

Launch force for the Projectile


The angle to launch when a target is assigned


The gravity to apply to the projectile. By default, it's the standard Physics. Gravity setting

After Distance

Apply gravity after certain distance is reached

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