Upcoming Chanelog

Note to self :

1.4.1(AC) - 4.4.1(HAP) 2023

  • Fixed: Removing a Speed Set on the List will cause a null ref exception
  • Fixed: Ai Control was still flying when the animal arrived at a single destination
  • Fixed: Stats Component was initializing stats twice
  • Improved: If a mode fails to play an animation, Preparing Mode stays true no other mode could activate.
  • Added: Float Math Component
  • ⚙️Added: Norm Slope Curve to modify the speed when the animal is on a slope (-1 0 1)
  • ⚙️Added: States can be Activated automatically from other states. (E.g Grab Ledge will be automatic from Climb)
  • ⚙️Added: [HAP] if the Mount is too far to call, it will teleport it near you.
  • ⚙️Added: Brain Component Slave Brain. (This allows to control 2 brains at the same time) Useful for Mount and Rider stuff.
  • ⚙️Added: State Profiles_ New states will require to use Profile Data to execute the code differently depending on the situation. (E.g. New FixedJump State Requires different Data from an External source to measure the distance needed to jump?)
in Fact there's a tutorial I'm preparing just for this case, wander around, using the Stats with Hunger, Thirst and Stamina to find food, and water and go to sleep.
Sooo --- using Repace State I can achieve 2 different way to fly.. lets see, fly with a broom, and fly like iron man... Do I use the Stance Values? or do I introduce a new Variable to check ...
The Stance Value actually is used to create Speed Modifiers..
Note: Add Custom Speed Modifiers Inside the State Assets (Use stances)
Note: to self (Find the RootMotion Animation
*⚙️: Not Added yet.. working on it for this update

RoadMap - Upcoming Features

Added: Fall Rotator (Allow to use the Rotator on the Fall State to do cool swim Jump Animations)
Added: Gandalf Staff Magic Weapon (Test Weapon Rate)


MInput Component: Double Tap (NEEDS TO IMPROVE THIS)
Come back to this: Working ootii Motion Controller Integreation
Do Damage while Mounting Invector